What We Learned…

The Hubster and I went to the Fertility and Adoption Conference on Saturday.

I thought it was great to see the different vendors for different fertility options and adoption.  I will admit that I was a bit disappointed in the number of organizations.  I thought there would be many more agencies to talk about what they offer.  Perhaps that was the vision of the conference organizers since too many agencies may be overwhelming.  We also saw some information about embryo adoption, or donation as it is termed in Texas.  I had never really heard of this but I mentioned it to the hubster as something to take into consideration.  I’ll have to explore my thoughts on that in a future post.

We went to two sessions.  The first was Beyond Adoption 101 with Leslee Murphy, a lawyer from the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.  Hes session was mainly basic information like you cannot use a facilitator in Texas to help match you with a birthmother, you must use an agency.  You can use a lawyer for a private adoption only if you have found your own birthmother.  But the private adoption route also seemed to have some complications with the irrevocability of the documents.

The second session was a split between Open Adoption in Texas and Foster to Adopt programs.  The adoption agency, Independent Adoptions, specialized in open adoptions.  Any prospective adoptive parent would need to be open and interested in having ongoing visits with the birthparents of their child. They seems to be way more stringent than agencies that allow you to determine you level of openness from no contact, to cards and letters, to complete openness.  I’m not sure Independent Adoptions is for us.  But I appreciate the session because it was the hubster’s first primer on the adoption process.  I’ve been reading about this for months so I feel like an old pro.  The second half was Depelchin’s Children Center about foster-to-adopt.  I think this is a great option and I would love to foster and adopt through the foster care system but I think our first priority will be to focus on infant adoption.

All in all, I felt like it was a good use of our time.  At one point, hubster leaned over and said, “you know, everyone in here is going through something just like us.”  Yes, baby.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your own situation.  It’s nice to know that there are other people who understand your journey.

P.S.  I wonder if there is a conference where all the agencies show up to talk about their programs.  I think that would be nice.  I might have to look  into that more.


2 thoughts on “What We Learned…

  1. We also went as well. Was disappointed the state wasn’t in attendance but we had a very productive conversation with the lady representing the adoption attorneys association.

    I haven’t had a chance to go through all the info in my bag just yet. Will do so this weekend.

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