So what if…you need to use donor eggs or donor sperm

As we maneuver through our (in)fertility journey we have to be prepared for all options.  That means that we need to consider using donor eggs or sperm depending on how viable our embryos are. I’ve read so much about adoption but hardly anything about donor eggs or sperm.  I don’t know anyone that openly discusses using donors.  So we are completely in the dark about this one.

Do you have any reservations about using sperm or eggs from a donor?  Would you tell your child? Do you know of any resources for heterosexual couples that  choose to use donors to help conceive their families?


2 thoughts on “So what if…you need to use donor eggs or donor sperm

  1. I think that this happens more often than people think especially in older couples. You want the embryos to be as viable as possible and good egg & sperm quality is a major part of that. A lot of times this gives you another step to try before moving towards adoption, especially if you really want to experience pregnancy and birth yourself vs. using a surrogate. Infertility (which I have battled for 12 years) can still be a very painful and private issue, so I can understand how some people might not be as forthcoming about it, but so many are dealing with it. I would probably tell my child when they were old enough to understand.

    • I think that it does provide you an option that makes it easier in the sense of you don’t need to deal with the paperwork. It seems cheaper than adopting an infant. People say I think too much but I wonder about how these children feel when they grow up. I wonder if they will feel out of place if they don’t have a link to their biological family in any way. There are so many forums and studies about adopted children but I haven’t read much about children who are conceived in this way. Have you read anything about?

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