Mac and Cheese Bites

Updated: I made these for a friend’s potluck.  Delish.

When I have an event at my house, I typically take pictures of the food. We had an event at our house and for some reason I didn’t take a picture. But they look exactly like this without the green flecks. Honey… When I say they were delish, they were good. Plus, they looked very cute on my table.

I was a little skeptical because of the Boursin garlic and herb cheese. I had never heard of Boursin before. It added a little something special to the mac and cheese but I think they would be just as tasty with my regular mac and cheese recipe. The Ritz cracker, butter and cheese bottoms were really good. This one was a keeper. I’m actually thinking of taking it to a potluck.

By the way – yes, I always experiment on my guests. I have a lot of things that I’m familiar with and a couple of things that I’m trying. I just feel like all they can say is they didn’t like it. I’ve been to plenty of folks house where there were one or two things that I didn’t like. *shrug*

Do you experiment with food on your guests? Am I the only one?


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