You Ain’t Halle Berry

I was in the RE’s office and was reading one of those gossip mags like Life and Style or People. They had a little insert showing celebrities that had their children over 35 with their kids. The tagline was something to the effect of ‘don’t lose hope…women are having babies well into their 40s’. Hmmmm…

It’s interesting because I hear that same refrain in my younger girlfriends. We see it newspaper articles, magazines and all over television. People say that to your friends, “Girl, you know you can always have a baby. Halle Berry had one in her 40’s.” I’m sorry girlfriend, but you ain’t no Halle Berry.

These celebrities aren’t us everyday women with bills that take up majority of our paychecks, with real folks savings accounts or not, with jobs that don’t always allow for us to take off when we need to make the NUMEROUS doctor visits, with limited or in some cases NO medical insurance that supports fertility procedures. They don’t show the women who are charging fertility treatments on credit cards, who are financing drugs with their home equity.

The media makes it seems that whenever you are ready, you can just go to the doctor and poof, a miracle happens. I was pleased to see Tamar and his sisters talking about infertility on Braxton Family Values. But after a couple of visits to the doctor, Tamar informed us that she had four embryos on the freezer. Not a word about the multiple shots she had to take, the early morning visits, the soreness or anything else. So to the rest of the world, it seems pretty easy

I think it’s wonderful that science is making it possible. But I think people need to get a realistic understanding on what this is. I wish more black women were talking about this…


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