Church (s)Hopping

We are in the looking for a church home which is more than a notion.

The church we attended last week was okay. It was a long drive and it was typhooning (raining extremely hard), so we arrived about 30 minutes late. I thought the service was fine, the choir was fine, the audience was fine, everything was just fine. I enjoyed the sermon but the pastor spoke a little too fast for me to catch the points of the message. I’m going to need you to pause and allow it to sink in before moving to the next point. So everything was fine, but not good enough to go back. Why you say?

Well, I’m not an extremely religious person now, but I do like to learn new information. So I like a teaching pastor. I like to leave feeling like I learned something new. I really can’t do that if you are talking too fast because this is your third sermon of the day and you are ready to go home…or maybe you just speak like that.

Secondly, my husband and I both come from smaller churches. We are really having a hard time with the idea of a mega-church. In fact, I don’t think my husband has ever been to such a large church so he spent a lot of the time in awe at the size of the church and the people working the camera.

Lastly, this isn’t a reason to stop us from going but it was definitely different. The idea of tithing on a credit card – it seems strange to me. It seems like we have a lot of issues in our community with debt, so should we continue to make debt by being able to tithe on credit. Maybe it’s just me.

We went to another church in Fifth Ward this past week. This one was more of our speed but most of the folks were elderly. Like devotion was still that moaning…”Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more.” I grew up with that, but that’s a part of church that I can leave behind. There didn’t seem to be many young couples and I saw very few children. The minister also seemed more interested in getting the congregation to shout and whooping instead of bringing a real message. As in, he actually said after 5 minutes of preaching, “I’m going to say one more thing and then I’m going to whoop awhile.” Seriously. So we probably won’t be going back there.

So Houstonites, we need your help. We are looking for a church. We want a more traditional church, medium-sized, with active, younger married couples and children. I would love a church with a marriage ministry. A teaching church where the minister preaches instead of whooping and hollering. We are willing to drive to our church home but we live in the 610 loop. Any ideas???


2 thoughts on “Church (s)Hopping

  1. I can understand where you are coming from. Tithing on a credit card…..just crazy. I am not from Houston originally so not growing up in a church here, I ended up at a “Megachurch” too. I enjoy it but I definitely am not as engaged as I have been in past churches because it is so easy to just blend in. But I do enjoy my Pastor Ralph West. Most of the people I know go to Mega churces also. I can recommend a few that are growing but maybe not “mega” just yet that you might try, but they are not inside the loop.
    Fallbrook Church-Pastor Pender
    Fountains of Praise- Pastor Wright
    I am sure you will find the place that He needs you to be.

  2. Lilly Grove Baptist
    New Faith Church (my home church, though I don’t attend to regularly)
    Fort Bend Church
    Second Fallbrook and Fountain of Praise
    Windsor Village UMC (altho it is a mega church, their activities for marrieds, singles and kids are simply top notch)

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