I have a series of blogs that I stop by regularly and have been reading some of them for quite some time, but I rarely comment. I know that’s bad blogger etiquette but sometimes I don’t have anything pertinent to say.

But many times, particularly for pop culture/personal (non-academic) blogs that have active commenters, I don’t say anything because folks get real sensitive about what you post in their comment sections. In many cases, someone will have an opinion, there will be a lot of co-signage. When someone posts a dissenting position, either their comment is ignored, or the group e-bullies them into submission or they are considered a troll. This doesn’t always happen but it happens enough to keep me in the sidelines.

That’s so strange to me. I love a good debate but it seems like black blogs (and maybe others but I mainly frequent black authors), want to continue to perpetuate the stereotype that we all think alike.

One of my favorite blogs to stop by is Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic. His commenters are respectful, full of insightful perspectives, open with sharing information and are able to moderate themselves. I learn so much from just reading the comments. Of course, his readership is very diverse culturally and socio-economically. Perhaps that makes the difference.


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