Reality Check

Heard on Hollywood Exes:

“My reality check was when my Gucci discount was rescinded.” This statement was followed by exclamations of shock and empathy. Another ex kept it going with, “Didn’t that make you just run and honey, I would rather have a public pubic hair count before I do that.” Really? Besides that being a very unladylike thing to say with some new friends, it was real extra. She went on to describe walking in the store and being turned away. “What you mean I can’t see the special black book no more? That is like…how do you come back from that?”

Now they brought it back to perspective with contrasting themselves against someone who can’t relate, but it was interesting.

I had a friend named…hmmm…let’s call her GB. GB had this real annoying way of when you were complaining about something, she would piggyback on your complaint with something that wasn’t even on the same level and actual was a step up from your situation. Let’s give an example.

Me: “Girl, I didn’t even realize how low my bank account was. My rent check came back with a $35 fee because I bounced the check.”

GB: “Yeah, girl. I hate when I get low and I don’t know about it. I was checking my savings and I only have $2000 left. That’s crazy.”

But as I’ve gotten older…and have a little more cash, I find myself making statements like that.

“If we stop through Rome, then we can only stay two days because of the flight connections. That’s messed up we can’t stay until Sunday morning.”

As you acquire more “things” and become more financial stable, your pain points become a lot different. Sometimes, the pain point seems utterly ridiculous, like not being able to buy a custom Gucci, in comparison to what your own pain look likes.


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