Weekend Memory Dump: IKEA Makes It Better

I have so many random thoughts and activities over the weekend but none of them really add up to a blog post. So I thought I would just share my memories.

    • I really like IKEA. I think you have to be careful about buying everything in IKEA. Those people can’t be experts in every dang thing. I won’t buy pots and pans from them. I won’t buy a bed from them. Anyway. shopping with Bear in IKEA is the worst. It does not suit his get in, find what you want, buy it mentality. I tend to wander through and visualize how certain things will fit in our house or what I can use it for. He’s like, do we need one of those. Why are we over here? Mental note – come back on my own.


    • While we were in IKEA, we saw another harried husband and his wife shopping. The wife was looking at a cabinet and doing a point-by-point explanation of what she liked and didn’t like about this cabinet. I’m sure you’ve done it. “I like this cabinet but I wonder how wide it is, I’m not sure if it will fit in that space. Honey, do you think it will fit (not really expecting or caring about an answer)? I wish it had more drawers. Is this going to be enough. Do they have another version that has more drawers. Well, this might do but the black/brown is strange. I wish it was just black.” Finally the husband quietly yelled – yes, he did that weird scream/whisper – “If you don’t like it, stop looking at it!” Hahahaha. Then my husband says that knows how the man feels. Super side-eye dude.


    • I did get some of those cute cloth boxes. Score!


    • I also convinced Bear that we NEED to redo our closet with IKEA closet organizers


    • We ordered a refrigerator – yes, we have been living in our house for 3 days without one. We were waiting on the holiday sales. What can I say? We also ordered a dishwasher and paid for the installation. I’m trying to pump Bear up to do it but he needs a professional to check his work. Hee.


    • We watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows last night. Boring!


    • Everytime I’ve had a home with multiple bathrooms, I always find myself going to MY bathroom. Even though we have a bathroom on the first floor, I will still go upstairs. Does anyone else do that too?


    • At what temperature do you keep you house? I’m afraid of these bills


    • Hubster and I watched “The Help” again this weekend. It brought up some thoughts about the stewardesses and drivers in Nigeria. I’ll have to post on that some other time. Remind me.


  • We meant to watch the BET Awards but forgot. We’re old like that.

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