So what if…a coworker makes a snide remark

You and the person next door to your office are on the same team. You are often in each other’s office. Sometimes the conversation is personal, but majority of the time you are bouncing ideas off each other.

Another coworker sees you two together and says, “We are running out of office space. Since you two are together all the time, maybe we can put you in an office together.” She’s joking, but she’s serious, you dig?

How would you take this remark? By the way, both you and your coworker are black women. Does that change the way the remark should be considered?


2 thoughts on “So what if…a coworker makes a snide remark

  1. Honestly, I wouldn’t take it personal, I just think it was a snide remark. The co-worker, who made the snide remake is probably jealous of you and the other co-worker relationship. Some people, won’t admit when they are jealous or feel threaten and the only way they can express the way they feel is by making remarks that will make you uneasy. I would say try to include that other co-worker in ya’ll conversation. But if you feel that there is a hidden agenda, confront it.

    • Thanks Dani. What you say is so true, you never know the true intention of a person. I’m just concerned at the way idle gossip or slack remarks can turn into a repeated truism around an office.

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