No Father’s Day for the Bear

Bear was in a baaaad mood today. He really was having a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. It was very unlike him and I was wondering what was bothering him. He made a little comment that he shouldn’t have to do anything because it’s Father’s Day. Of course, I didn’t make it easier when I didn’t respond appropriately. I’m never good at that. I always think about it after the words have come out.

Sometimes we get wrapped into our own issues, that we forget our men are suffering too. For him, this was another year that arrived without a child in his life that he could call his own. It bothers him…way more than it probably bothers me and I need to be more sensitive to that. Even though he doesn’t or can’t articulate it, ever day that goes by without a child is a failure to him. As his wife, and his best friend, I have to make sure that he knows what a success he is to me.


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