Moving Day

I’m worried about her.  Her voice, upbeat and happy for the last month or so, sounded a little bit uncertain.  I could hear the cracks in her facade, even through she tried to smooth it over with easy laughter and off-color jokes.

Today we moved my grandmother from her skilled rehabilitation nursing center to a new long-term care facility.

Getting her  to this point has been a process.  My grandmother will be 92 years old this July.  She was still driving as of April of this year.  Yeah.  Over time, the family had become increasingly more concerned about her housekeeping, whether she was eating properly, taking her medicine and her ability to pay her bills.   So much so that I had to make a trip to see her in March specifically to set myself up as Power of Attorney.  We also took care of her Health Care Directive.  This was all “just-in-case”.  Until it wasn’t.

My grandmother fell twice in two days. Her bones weren’t broken, but her spirit was shattered.  She lost the confidence to live her on own.  Lately it seems that she is even afraid to walk with a walker even though the rehab nurse feels she is strong enough.  She forgot things before, but it seems like since she has been in the facility, she doesn’t even try to remember.

So instead of helping her decorate her new apartment in an assisted living facility, we are moving her to a place where everyone is taken care of.  Everything except her being the Mamah that I’ve always known.  It’s hard.

BTW:  Help your people get their financial and medical business in order. Even with me having power of attorney for my grandmother, the system is complex.  Navigating Medicare and Medicaid, the different nursing home systems, convincing utilities, doctor’s, banks, that I have the power to make decisions is necessarily difficult.  I am thankful that my grandmother had the presence and forethought to make the provisions that she did and feel so much empathy for other folks going through this process.


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