Getting to Zero

Why don’t we talk about HIV anymore? I remember there used to be major media coverage about the rates of HIV, prevention messages and what not.  But now, it’s almost like we refuse to acknowledge that it exists anymore.

I was reading up on HIV in the black community and it is estimated that one in 32 black women will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.  I know I have more than 31 black chicks on my semi-inner circle contact list.  The reality of the situation is that one of us will be, or may already be, HIV-infected.  That’s serious.  And yet, black folks aren’t really talking about it.

I realize that HIV and AIDS is no longer the death sentence that it once was, but it’s still amazing the silence around it.  Additionally, you need to have access to medical care and we know that blacks are disproportionally without health insurance and concentrated in areas that may not have the resources to care for this disease properly.

So as we use this day to bring HIV to our remembrance, I would just take a minute to schedule an HIV test.  The very minimum if we want to keep mum about it, is to know our own status.


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