Thanks for the Giving

Last year the Hubster and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and our first together in Nigeria.  We had an awesome dinner with turkey, dressing and all the fixings.  I made peach cobbler and rolls from scratch…yeah, I threw down.  But this year, since we are in the middle of packing up and moving out, we didn’t really want to go through the trouble so we accepted invites from other folks.

The first dinner we went to was at a single friend’s house.  She works for one of the international school here in Lagos and had a wide variety of friends, both from the US and Nigeria.  It was pretty interesting to see what young folks are doing and to see some old friends.  The second dinner was on Friday and it was for a couple where the wife is from New York and she married a Nigerian.   It was her first Thanksgiving feast and she really did a good job – she had an awesome turkey, good mac and cheese and other spreads.  I could tell that the Nigerians weren’t really into the food because they left a whole pan of good mac and cheese.  Can you imagine!  She wanted to say a few words and kick the tradition of going around the room and telling what you are thankful for but I think she was a bit shy.  We were ready!  So since we didn’t get to say it out lout to a group, I’ll just take a moment to say what I’m thankful for:

1.  I’m Thankful for my Husband: This should be a given but I really am thankful to have such a loving and supportive man.  He wants the best for our family and I can tell his actions are always focused on this goal.  I see him constantly growing and changing and adapting to all the new situations that come our way.  There are times when I think about something he did or said, how he made me laugh or went out of his way and I’m amazed that he chose me.  I’m not just thankful, I’m grateful.

2. I’m Thankful for my Family: My family isn’t the closest – meaning we don’t always connect.  I don’t talk to my mother every day or keep in constant connection with my sister.  But I see our relationship developing and getting stronger.  I’m excited to see how our relationships will continue to change as we move back to the States.  This is also something that my husband helps with.  I see the relationship that he has with his family and it  encourages me to continue to work on mine with my family.

3. I’m Thankful for this Time:  The time that we have spent on this assignment can never be taken for granted.  It’s allowed us to build a first year foundation without the stress of bills and interceding family members and time apart.  We’ve been blessed to be able to travel around the world and see things that we would not have had the opportunity or maybe even the inclination if we lived in the States.  We’ve been able to build up our bank account and pay off some debts which will allow us to purchase a house when we return.

4. I’m Thankful for my Friends: I have some amazing women friends and I hope I’m able to look back on this blog and make sure that they know how I feel about them.  I’m hoping that I don’t loose contact with them as I make this transition but I know it will take work on my part.  I’m grateful because they have been there through good and bad time, they’ve supported me when I got married, and continue to support us as a couple.  They are wonderful.

I really have a lot to be thankful for.


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