My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me

This is the funny (read: heartbreaking) thing about infertility. Even thought you know good and well that you can’t get pregnant, you are still looking for signs of a miracle. Tonight I threw up part of my dinner. I’m not a regurgitating type of chick. My stomach is strong as steel so I ‘m not sure what happened. But it got me wondering…

I’m tired. My breasts feel a little heavy. I haven’t been feeling myself. Yep…all the ways I typically feel when my Aunt Flo is about to visit. But I wonder…

Las month when we were going to our rounds of reproductive specialists my doctor put me on birth control for five days to restart my cycle so I would be in the right time for my hysteroscopy. Well, it didn’t work and I had this very light period two weeks later. Then two weeks after that I had some spotting. Of course, since I was traveling, I didn’t write down the proper days so I’m estimating. But from our (me and Bear’s) calculations, this is the end of Day 32.

I’m thinking about taking a pregnancy test. But we already know the answer. So I’ll just wait for the dreaded Auntie to come. If she doesn’t come by Saturday morning, I’m taking the test.


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