Getting Gone

I may not have written it here but we are leaving Nigeria and moving to Houston in the next couple of weeks. Someone asked me today if I will miss Nigeria. After a quiet moment of reflection, my answer is unequivocably “no.”

This is my second time in Nigeria and I honestly feel blessed. It’s amazing to me that I’ve had the opportunity to actually live in a different country and travel around the world. I’ve made friends forl life here – both Nigerians and Americans. Bear and I have been able to pay off any debt from our wedding, save aggressively so we’ll be ready for a large down payment on our house and to purchase at least one car in cash. We are semi-agressively paying down school debt. We’ve gotten the opportunity to be with each other without the stressors of driving home from work, family interference, and unlimited social and consumption options. It’s been an awesome way to start a marriage because it’s just us.

Nigeria – Lagos in particular, is a great place to be young and have a bit of money. Being American gives you access to some situations that you might not have access to in the states. With the right connections, you can rub elbows with MD’s of companies, athletes, movie stars and in general a large group of people that have ideas and are making moves. Lagos has a number of good restaurants, great nightclubs, beaches… Once you find your crew you can have a lot of fun here. People are generous and have welcomed us into their lives. I’m grateful.

At the same time, I’m tired. The traffic can be crazy. Folks get aggressive randomly. Shopping is difficult – it’s not like I can just go for a quick Target run, or go to the store and get some fresh strawberries. I want some Chick-Fil-A. And quiet as its kept, it’s hard to have black folks treat other folks that don’t share your skin color better. Amazingly, even though this country is run by Nigerians, foreigners, whites in particular, are able to continue to walk around in a bubble of privilege. That bothers me. And it makes me tired…and sad.

So I’ll take this experience as it is and I truly appreciate it. I know that I’ve been blessed to have this opportunity. I’m grateful


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