Black Fertility and Adoption Resources

Ever since the hubster and I have been going through our fertility issues, I find that there isn’t a lot of blogs or information on the web about black families dealing with infertility and/or adoption. There are TONS of blogs written by white women about their fertility struggles and their TTC journeys.  I also find lots of blogs written by white women on adoption and their ups and downs, particularly if they went through transracial adoption.  But almost nothing about black women.

It’s unfortunate because when you are going through these issues, you kind of crave community.  It’s important to find other folks who don’t mind you talking endlessly about the difference between agencies and referral services, sharing new links you found and talking about stuff you read on the adoption forums. Often your friends and family can only support so much because this is a very isolating issue, it’s not something that you can easily empathize with.   It’s also important for us to realize that we are not the only ones experiencing this issue.

I know that no one is reading this blog now but as I come upon blogs (that publish regularly), I’ll start sharing those resources for other folks.  Maybe they will be a support for someone else.

Black Infertility Resources

  • The Broken Brown Egg and Mrs. Tiye – this sister was feeling the same way and decided to do something.  Her blog focuses on African American Infertility and reproductive health awareness

Black Adoption

Motherhood Blogs – there are a lot of black women blogging about motherhood, but these blogs really focus on aspects of motherhood not just daily snippets of life

  • CocoaMamas – raising cocoa children in a bittersweet world

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