Only in My Dreams

I had a weird dream last night. I was at some sort of conference, like INROADS or MLT because there was a lot of emphasis on professional development. We were all in our business clothes and going to different training sessions. The conference was on a college campus because I remember a lot of green space as well as different buildings that we went in and out of for sessions. I was hanging out with some chick that I think was my last intern here in Nigeria. I just remembered that we had a lot of fun talking and gossiping and that she was non-Black. Well, at the last session, the session leaders said that we would get our new assignments and we all dispersed to different buildings to get our envelopes. It must have been a big things because everyone ran out of the room and ran to their respective buildings. Me and the chick were in the same building but somehow we lost each other. So I got to the building and was handed my envelope. The paper stated that since I had been with my current company for two years it was time for me to transfer to a new company. I remember having a strange feeling even in my sleep about what sense does that make – what about my current job. The job they had listed was 355 Technologies in Cleveland or Cincinnati, I can’t remember exactly which. I thought, why would I leave my company for this podunk company that I’ve never even heard of.

The strange thing about this is that I saw my ex-bestfriend, lest call her, Jet. I was surprised to see her in my dream too, like wow, I haven’t talked to her in years. We had a brief conversation about life in the last few years, where we’ve been working, what our next assignment was. I was surprised to hear that she was still working at the same school that she was working at when I was in California. After that brief and sort of awkward exchange, we went our separate ways and I remember thinking in the dream, wow, that was strange.

I woke up and wondered, what did the dream mean. What was 355 Technologies? I looked it up and didn’t find anything. Was this a sign that I was supposed to think about moving companies in two years? And why a technology company – was I changing back to a technology field. Was this a new company that I was starting? And why was Jet in my dream?

Interestingly, when I was home the week before our wedding, my mom told me that she toyed with the idea of calling Jet and letting her know that I was getting married. She got all teary-eyed and was like, I just think you were so close and this is such an important day. I just waved off the idea but it had crossed my mind before. I will probably always wonder what happened between us. I’ve seen that she’s on Facebook and some of our friend circles overlap. It’s a very strange thing to have an 18 year friendship just fall off and never know the reason. It was a hurtful situation but I can tell there is still hurt there because I get a little angry about it.

Dreams can really stir up a lot of feelings….


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