I’m Pregnant!

After much badgering from Bear and the fact that it stayed on my mind, I went to the medical clinic to get a test. I knew that I was pregnant and coasting along in denial but Bear was forcing my hand with his daily questions about my cycle.

While I was in the clinic, this little girl took a particular interest in me and started bringing me toys to play with, and had scoped out the chair next to me as hers. I thought, hmmm, is this what having a daughter would be like.

When talking to the nurse, I was in stealth mode. The nurses station is not private and any other employee, or wife of an expat could be in the room and my secret would no longer be mine. So I said very quietly, hoping that she took the hint, ” I need to take a pregnancy test.” The nurse asked me about my last period and then I told her that the pregancy could only have taken place from April 9-16, which was when we were together. Thankfully, we were able to hold this conversation to a little above a whisper. I went into the lab, they drew my blood and we started a waiting game.

An hour later I called back for my results and the nurse that answered said that I was postive. Feelings of shock, relief, giddiness, and fear passed over me at the same time. Wow, I must have said it out loud because the nurse kind of chuckled and said congratulations.

I wanted to be that type of woman who could keep it a secret and set up a special way to tell my man, but I had to tell him immediately. I called and tried to drag it out, but I couldn’t and just ended telling him in a rush that I had took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Bear couldn’t even talk straight, he told me he was pacing his breakroom. He was excited but he was concerned that I wasn’t excited. I had told him that I wanted to wait a bit to start a family, at least until after the wedding. I assured him that I was just as excited as he was. We decided to hold the information (well, I decided). The baby had to be between 3-4 weeks old and I wanted to give it a little more time to develop and take hold before we began to tell people.

For the rest of the day, Bear and I kept calling each other. We couldn’t concentrate…at ALL. I had to finally leave work and come home. I told Bear that since we weren’t telling anyone, I HAD to tell someone, so it had to be him, over and over. So, there it is…..we’re having a BABY!


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