So, I think I’m just about over being your girlfriend. I’m leaving.

I have been hearing Chrisette Michele’s single, “Epiphany” for a while now, and continue to be amazed at how perfectly this song describes the end of relationship. The song, written by Ne-Yo, takes us through another one of her countless nights waiting by the phone for her wayward boyfriend. Even though the lyrics are pretty sparse, you can feel how she is trying to distract herself with the television, reflecting on their relationship and passing through the gamut of emotions: worry, anger, guilt, hurt, loneliness and finally resolve. She finally gets it. He’s never going to do right by her. He doesn’t love her in the way she needs. The best thing is for her to leave.

But the perfection comes in the line, “so, I think I’m just about over being your girlfriend.” That one line conveys that “getting over” someone is a process. It takes time and work and doesn’t just happen all at once. It took her many lonely nights to even consider leaving him. It probably took her more lonely nights to get to the point where she was ready to leave. And she’s hesitant. That’s why she uses the words “think” and “just about”. Because she knows once she leaves, there are still going to be more lonely and painful nights to “completely” get over being his girlfriend.

I know – I think too much. But I love this song. Take a look at the video:

Epiphany – Chrisette Michele


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