Cleaning Up

I’m cleaning out the boxes in the second bedroom trying to get ready to give the majority of my belongings to charity. I wish I could say it was because I want to pack lighter but in reality I’m just trying to make room for new stuff. I’ve had my furniture since 2000. My television – the college edition – 1997. I don’t even think they make televisions like this anymore. It’s time to upgrade so I’m getting rid of everything. I have already made an appointment with St. Vincent de Paul to clear this entire apartment out. It’s time to upgrade baby!

It’s a little frustrating to have to go through all the stuff that I’ve accumulated over the years. I just want to wave a magic wand and get rid of everything. I want a nice neat house like I see on television. Where no bootleg CDs are sticking out of the entertainment center, or bills on the table. No random plugs from iPods, cell phones, and cameras that don’t have a real home. I did find some interesting stuff that I had written back in high school (why do I still have it)? I have some journals from college which were interesting reads. I found my CD’s – yay! And I know I have over 400 books. Some of these are going to have to go though.

Riddle me this – is there a place for old sorority stuff? I have bags from conferences, t-shirts, make-up bags, random gifts, a whole closet of elephants. Really, I’m downsizing and I want to get rid of this stuff in a responsible way. I don’t want to throw it away because some of it’s never been used. Plus I don’t want to contribute to more random folks showing up in paraphernalia.

I can’t wait until all this stuff is gone. *sigh*


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