Free Chicken (Watermelon Not Included)

So why didn’t anyone tell me about this? So Oprah is recommending KFC now? What is the world coming to? Actually, I found out about this accidentally from my friend ER. She happened to tell me that she was on her way to KFC to get free chicken. When I told her I hadn’t heard about it, she was surprised since she had received five texts and a couple of emails. First thing she said was, we can tell your social class from this right here. If you were poor and broke like me and the people that I hang around with, you would know about it. I’ve printed out five already.

I don’t think this is true. It might just mean that no one loves me enough to want me to eat succulent, delicious, FREE chicken. Free! That’s easier than buying me a birthday gift. KFC ain’t gonna trick me into thinking it has some healthy options. Why does the grilled chicken look greasy on the commercial? Good thing I don’t want to eat no stanky, janky KFC anyway. *sad face*


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