Operation Six Weeks

Have you ever been in a mood of subtle sadness? You wouldn’t necessarily classify yourself as sad, but other people would notice that your personality isn’t quite the same, that you aren’t quite yourself. That’s been me since I got to L.A. I haven’t been out since I got here, no new friends, no activities, no networking. At one point, my house was so messy that I got scared. You know how your mom told you to wear clean underwear just in case you got into an accident. Well, I was scared I would be in an accident and someone would have to come into my house and my mother would be embarrassed. Not that I was tired of being in a junky house – just that I didn’t want anyone else to know. I was in deep hibernation.

But no more. I’m starting Operation Six Weeks – Journey to a New and Better You. Yeah, I made up my own self help program. The name is still under discussion. But the point is, for the next six weeks I’m focusing on changing. Physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. I’ve started already without having the entire thing worked out. That’s okay, change is constant. The point is, the house is clean, healthy food has been cooked, physical activity has commenced, and I’m feeling positive.

Here’s to the next six weeks!


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