I’ve been told that I need to update my blog…

So here’s the rundown:

  • I’m back in the States, currently living in L.A. It’s….okay. This is the first place that I’ve lived with no network so I’m kind of on my own. I’m sure there is a lot to do and while I don’t mind doing things by myself, having a good girlfriend to check things out with is invaluable. Having no girlfriends sucks. I’m going to have to do something about that.
  • I am still talking to the man that I met right before I left Nigeria. He’ll be known as British Knight on here (BK for short). We’ve talked just about every day since we met. Of course, we’ve found some places where we disagreed. You add up different genders, countries, cultures, religions…we are definitely going to find some differences. But what I like is that we are learning how to communicate through those differences.
  • I’m going to visit BK next week. yay! I’m excited and nervous about the trip. If we can make it through 9 days with each other and still want to come back for more, I might change my Facebook status. LOL.
  • I finally gave into the trend and bought some of those shrug Ugg-like boots. Mine are cute though. Got them off of Overstock.com
  • I’m considering cutting my hair

So that’s about it. I’ll post more later – I’ve been having some very interesting conversations lately.


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