I Met Someone

I met someone. *blushing*

Friday night was “Girl’s Night Out.” My last full weekend in Nigeria and the last time to really kick it with my girls. I was having a hard day. I planned to get out of the office by noon, but didn’t make it onto the road until 2PM. I went to get my hair done and it took my almost an hour to get to the salon with traffic. My hairdresser was sick, so I had to walk someone else through the process. I didn’t even get out of the salon until close to 8:30.

Then traffic on the way back. Then I was having a fat day, feeling not so cute. My hair wasn’t done the way that I was used to and the hairdresser had given up on styling it. I was supposed to be in VI by 11:00. Needless to say, after having a full-blown pity party and subsequent pep talk, then having to shower, get dressed and made up, I didn’t make it to the club until after midnight.

But my homegirls were there and looking fly. The had cake and balloons. We had our own little spot in the club and full access to request whatever songs we wanted. The night was in full swing. We moved from spot to spot, kicking it, drinking for free and every place we entered until we finally entered our last spot for the night, Auto Lounge.

I saw him as we walked by. Him and his friends were sitting, drinking a bottle of wine. I didn’t pay that much attention, just noticed they were cute. But he obviously noticed me because he stepped over my friend, held out his camera and asked me to take a picture of him and his boys. I understood this not-so-subtle flirting and responded in kind by asking him to take a picture of me and my girls. And conversation ensued. Which was followed by him and his people meeting us for early morning eats at a Chinese restaurant. And then meeting him for drinks on Saturday night. And then spending all day Sunday with him. And now I’m pricing flights to London to see him. I’m absolutely giddy. We shall see what happens.


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