Happy Founder’s Day!

Wishing a wonderful day to all my lovely sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Last weekend I went to a Founder’s Day party – well, actually, the wife was an AKA and the husband was a Kappa and the plan was the celebrate their Founder’s Days, but since so many other organizations were founded in January it worked for everyone. There were representatives from other organizations (read: Deltas and Alphas) and some non-Greeks. It was actually an opportunity for black Americans and some Nigerians that have lived in America to get together. There were probably about 20 Greeks there so it was pretty impressive for Lagos. I think we know of about 30-35 Greeks in the area – we are everywhere!

Tonight I am going to a Founder’s Day dinner with my sorors – there are nine of us here. That is sooo cool. Back in the day, one of my line sisters said on her application that she wanted to join Delta so she could have “sisters all over the world.” This was kind of an inside joke when we were on line and we always cracked up because she was so overly dramatic with it. At the time, we were barely imagining having sorors in the next state, let alone world-wide. But now, I really do have sisters all over the world. That’s amazing.


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