French Men Aren’t Gay…They Just Look That Way

Yesterday while laying on the beach, there was a young man laying on a beach chair beside me. I kept waiting for his girlfriend/wife to show up, but she never did. Could he possibly be here alone too? I saw him again at dinner, sitting solo just like me. I asked the waiter to inquire if I could join him. We introduced ourselves – he was Sebastian, from Marseilles, France. A cute, young thing. Tanned from endless beach parties and walking along the road with his backpack. As the night went on, I found out he was 26 years old, taking a vacation while he thought about if he was ready to settle down with the girl he had been dating for a year. We swapped traveling stories. I told him about the dancing on the tables in Singapore and the brothels in Cambodia, he told me about the falling out drunk on the beach in Panama and going yachting with some rich gay boys in Los Angeles.

Are you gay?


Ok. Just wondering.

You see, Americans have no sense of fashion, he said, gesturing to his skinny jeans, loafers without socks and Polo sweater. To Americans, all French men look gay.

Hmm… (I didn’t tell him that regardless of his fashion choices, the gay men in every one of his stories was the actual giveaway)

After the band finished singing, we decided to go sit by the pool and put our feet in the water. I wondered aloud why all the couples of dinner ate in silence. Had they run out of things to talk about? Were they wishing they were there with someone else? He had noticed the same thing and said it was the reason why he was traveling alone. He didn’t want him and his girlfriend to end up like that. Well, he could always tell her about the gay boys…that’s something they should definitely talk about.

I don’t know. Maybe a quiet dinner with the one you love means that you are completely comfortable with them, even in silence.

We met the next morning for breakfast and talked about our plans for the day. He was leaving. Seems Sebastian is a rolling stone. He has an international network of friends and has the money to travel the world to visit them. Must be nice.


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