What Was I Thinking?

I may have made a little mistake on the last post. I’m not cut out to be a beach bum. I think it might be like dying a slow death if all I had to do everyday was just sit on the beach. Today I just meandered around, put on my swimsuit and sat on a rock in the sea, letting the waves crash upon me. Then I layed out in one of the beach chairs and read, thought, looked around, thought some more. I wanted to do some kayaking or waterskiing but the people in the beach house said the water was too rough so I just layed around. The plan was to have a massage at 4, drink a glass of wine and take a nap before dinner. The massage was great but since I found that since I hadn’t done a damn thing all day, I wasn’t even slightly tired. So, I watched a couple episodes of The Office in French and got dressed for dinner like I was actually to meet someone.

Luckily, I found an agent who set me up with an excursion for Tuesday to go site-seeing. I’ll try the watersports tomorrow and if that doesn’t work, then I am going to go to Grand Baie and find some watersports there. I am going waterskiing or parasailing before I leave this island.


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