Old Friends, New Friends

This weekend I got a chance to link up with old friends and meet new ones. By coincidence, or not, I found a postcard outside of my apartment building that said “The Last Poets” would be coming to town. I was intrigued because I had spent some time with them a couple of years ago at a spoken word and poetry workshop. I put the card aside and forgot about it. Somehow, I found the card the day of their event and called the drummer. He told me that they were in town and were doing a workshop at a downtown cafe, so off I went.

The first thing I noticed after walking into the cafe was how out of the loop I was in regards to the poetry scene. As poet after poet peformed for the group, I realized that I didn’t really miss this scene. Especially when poets started to try to distinguish themselves from those who do it for entertainment and those who are revolutionary. Whatever. I have to admit though, the poets are a sexy bunch. Shoulder length dreadlocks, backpacks, worn notebooks, piercing eyes, beautiful words. What else can you ask for? How about a job? One thing I do remember is that poets don’t bring home paychecks. I need a brother with some income coming in. You dig?

In any case, the drummer from The Last Poets introduced me to a drummer here in town who teaches at the university. He invited me to come to his class, for free. That’s what I’m talking about. I’m extremely excited about the idea of learning how to drum. So all in all, even though I didn’t get any work done, I had a wonderful weekend and made some new friends.


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