South Africa

So, I don’t have a lot of internet time but I am in South Africa! I’ve been here going on a week and have about one more week left. So here is a quick breakdown of what’s been going on so far:

Day 1 – Saturday/Sunday:
18 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg sitting next to a guy in my school who refers to himself in third person and like he is a corporation. The only good thing about this seating arrangement is that I refreshed myself in chess. The planes were so cool. We had movies and games on demand. I was able to watch the movie Tsotsi, a South African independent film that won a lot of awards.

Land in Jo’berg and go to lunch at Wandi’s. It was in Soweto and was a shebeen, one of the few places where blacks could go to drink during apartheid. Now it’s kind of a tourist/after Sunday church spot. They serve what I call a soul food buffet.

Then we went to the Hector Pieterson memorial, which is named after the first student to get shot in the Soweto riots. We also went to Mandela’s old neighborhood and house and his new neighborhood and house.

Later that night at the hotel we went to a restaurant close to our hotel in the Nelson Mandela mall. It was a Thai restaurant, absolutely delicious.

Monday – I was sick all day. I already had some kind of cough but mixed with hundreds of people’s germs for 18 hours just made it worse. I spent the day sleep in the hotel and later that night made an excursion to the local emergency room. Health care there…pretty much sucks.

Okay…I finished the post and my credit ran out. I’m pissed but I’ll update on the rest later.

I still can’t believe that I’m in Africa!!


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