Three Terms

Later today, when the sun comes up, I’ll start my fourth term of business school. When I think back about what I intended to accomplish when I came to school, I don’t feel that I’ve achieved what I set out to do. I wanted to leave school with a new set of diverse friends that transcended color to people who I shared other interests with. I wanted to have friends from India, as well as Indiana. But it’s difficult…on both sides of the equation. I’m socially challenged when it comes to these networking, let go out and have a drink, type of sessions. I find it hard to make “small talk.” Besides this, I think I’ve made some good relationships with some of the students here. My goal this term is to cement those a little better.

One thing that I am proud of is finding a life outside of business school. I started capoeira classes at the end of January and I love it. I love the fact that I’m learning something useful, although maybe that can be debated. I’m learning songs, and playing instruments and meeting new people outside of school. There is something very addictive about capoeira. It is a like an immersion into a new culture – in class, mainly Porteguese is spoken and while there are translators sometimes, a lot of it is just watching the instructor. The atabaqua (drum), pandeiro (tamborine), and the berimbau as well as our voices make up the chorus and there is just a vibe, an energy when we are in the roda. It’s really unexplainable. In addition, I’ve been taking salsa classes. I love doing all of these activities, it makes me feel as though I’m truly living.


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